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Foxyfern55 about 1 month ago

French Dip

Bobby Byrnes has the best French dip sandwich around. The roast beef is sliced thin and very tender and the sub roll is delicious as well as the dipping sauce. French fries were good and crispy too. Highly recommend.

Theartofbeauty about 1 month ago

Traditional Fish & Chips

Absolutely delicious!!! One of the best on the Cape and I grew up here! My kids and I love everything from here! Yummy!

Paula about 2 months ago

Fish Tacos

All I can say is awesome, great flavor,also the staff are great people, All of them👍

Plschaefer about 2 months ago

Cape Cod Reuben

Like having fish & chips only better.

Uspsdell1960 about 2 months ago

Bacon Burger

We have been coming here for years!! It's our always go to place, love the booths in the bar area, burgers 🍔 are fabulous, 1/2 price on Monday's, always get the famous Bloody Mary, husband gets hard cider on draft. Fish and chips, and kale soup also great, I'm dying to try all the items on the menu, But always go to our old faithfuls, see ya soon🤗

Edward 2 months ago

Bacon Burger

Great people and great food!Always are going back!🇺🇸👌

Demerslinda5 2 months ago

Cape Cod Reuben

Fabulous. My fav sandwich ever

Dogscatsphotography 3 months ago

Turkey Club

Best turkey club I've ever had. Fries are great too!!!

Lorraine 3 months ago

Basic Burger

This is the place to go if you want a burger. This time I tried to Swiss burger with mushroom. They have the best burgers in the area....yummy! My mouth is watering as I write this up...

Jdaly34 3 months ago

Byrne's Tossed Chicken Bites

Get them every time. A must have.

Jeanine 3 months ago

Byrne's Steak Tips

The steak tips are the best. I will go out of my way, even through a snow storm, to get these. Always cooked the way I like them. Having them with mashed potatoes, perfection!

Hap494 3 months ago

Cranberry Cornbread Stuffed Chicken

I felt like I was once again at my grandmothers table. The cornbread stuffing was nostalgic. The buttery mashed stood out on their own with moist goodness. The chicken was moist but yet had a crispy skin. Great job Bobby !

Gkh 3 months ago

Fish & Fries

The fish and chips at Bobby Byrnes is the best we have ever had -anywhere! We have tried fish and chips at places up and down Cape Cod and around the country- and there is nothing else like it. The coating is delectable-so thin and light and not greasy at all. The fish is always fresh, firm, flaky, pure white meat with a mild flavor. The french fries are another favorite- crispy outside, with a soft mashed potato inside. The tartar sauce is the finishing touch-homemade, creamy and savory. Its not just our favorite- many locals feel just like us!

Jason 4 months ago

Cranberry Cornbread Stuffed Chicken

Love the stuffing.

Jessica 4 months ago

Mushroom & Swiss

Delicious burger! I ordered mine on a pretzel bun because those are my favorite and it was fantastic. So glad to have found this place. Bobby Byrnes never disappoints us!

Ko1 S 4 months ago


I have had Jambalaya, in Alabama, Florida and Texas. I was taught to eat Jambalaya the way the locals do. The rice comes in a separate bowl and you take a few spoonfuls and mix it with the spicy sauce, shrimp, sausage etc. and when you eat that portion you add a little more rice, mix it in, eat, etc. At Bobby Byrnes they put a well formed mound of rice in the center of the plate so it easily available to mix with delicious spicy Jambalaya. That is a minor difference to the serving but I must say the flavors, spices, the cook of the shrimp, chourico, and other ingredients are right up there with the best I have had in the South. That is what I had the last time I had lunch at BB's but everything I have had there over the years is excellent. I also recommend the clam-strips, baked schrod, pastrami sandwich, the great choice of burgers and, the flatbreads. All of these great options are all reasonably priced and many are lower than other places on the Cape. All of the servers are polite, friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu.

Guest 4 months ago

Fish Tacos

This has been my favorite dish since they added it to the menu. The flavor combinations and crunch are perfect. I have tried fish tacos at many local restaurants and Bobby's are the best!

Mikelisa 4 months ago

Cajun Byrne Burger

Close,casual,comfortable and fun. I've had burgers, seafood, fried chicken and many other dishes. I'm not to picky but my wife on the other hand, let's says has a limited taste. We always get something that satisfies us. I change it up and try everything, she has several things that are her go to but we are always pleased with our selection. Friendly staff is another plus. I love that there are lots of seats at the bar and plenty of tv's. Just a really comfortable and friendly place. Also the men's room is always clean and stocked with appropriate paper. Great place we frequent often. Definite 👍

Lorri 5 months ago

Penne Alfredo

Loved it with the shrimp and scallops!

Salger50 5 months ago

Southwest Salads

Another favorite!

Kathyh23 about 1 month ago

Baked Scrod

The best scrod on the Cape. No matter which Bobby Byrnes you try, you can't go wrong DELICIOUS !!

Countrigirl24 about 1 month ago

Murphy's Mac & Cheese

It was out of this world amazing!! It's my favorite dish!!! Every time I make it down to the cape I get Murphys mac and cheese!!

Jann about 2 months ago

Shenanigans Chef Salad

Good grilled shrimp and beef tips. Tips were really tender and tasty. I'm on a keto type diet and this was perfect. We got to eat out and I got to stay on my diet.

Sgermain1982 about 2 months ago

Penne Marinara

It was absolutely delicious, hopefully coming back valentine's weekend!

Eileen 2 months ago

Scrod Athenian

Have ordered this meal many times and it is consistently wonderful. That is the difference between a mediocre kitchen and a great kitchen.

Edward 2 months ago

Caesar Salad

Great people and food!

Pat 3 months ago

Soup Of The Day

The soup was minestrone and it was the best I've ever had. I also had a chicken salad sandwich and pasta salad.. It was all so tasty and the best! I live in Uxbridge, MA and I sure wish you had a restaurant near here!!!

Kwa711711 3 months ago

Penne Alfredo

This was by far the most delicious Alfredo I've ever eaten! My stomach can never handle Alfredo but I decided to give it a try. First bite in, I was in heaven. No matter how sick I might be after, I didn't care because it was just so tasty! The creamy sauce and the brocoli just set it off for me. In the end I didn't get sick! An amazing plate and a happy tummy!

Sallydalferes 3 months ago

Byrne's Tossed Chicken Bites

A must get every time tossed in General Tso's!! It's the best!

C3dassoc 3 months ago

Housemade Portuguese Kale Soup

A cup of Kale has been my starter for many years; delicious and so good for you!

Hap494 3 months ago

Crock O' Gold

As an Irish American, I grew up listening to stories about fairies, leprechauns and rainbows. For years my family has dined on the cape and Bobby Byrnes is a must when we are in Mashpee. I usually go with a classic fish and chips but today I scanned the menu and came upon the crock of gold which reminded me of something I would read in one of my childhood fairytales. When the soup came to me I was taken away by the saltiness of the broth, the richness of the onions and the creaminess of the cheese. As the soup warmed my belly I was surrounded by the warmth and laughter of family and friends. Bobby Byrnes is the perfect location to reconnect with your Irish roots and spend quality time with friends and family. Slainte

Judywarren360 3 months ago

Brandyman Chef Salad

Great salad, filling and allows me to stay on my diet!

Rjshea95 3 months ago

Hamburger & Fries

The most reliable and delicious burger on Cape Cod!! It can be super simple with just lettuce & tomato or can turn into a fantastic fun dinner with other toppings! The burger is even better with sweet potato fries as a substitute for regular ones. This is my go-to meal whether I'm eating in or grabbing take out to go!

Jason 4 months ago

Byrne's Tossed Chicken Bites

The best on cape cod!

Bassinrn 4 months ago

Scrod Athenian

Friday's are date night for my wife and I. We love the broiled scrod special. I also get the Gorgonzola Bruschetta~yikes is it good! The food quality is superb and consistent. The daily specials are easily affordable. The secret is now out! Your welcome! Slainte☘️

Guest 4 months ago

Our Award-Winning New England Clam Chowder

Classic and flavorful. So rich and filing with lots of tasty clams!

Kpt2me 4 months ago

Sea Scallops

Delicious sea scallop plate. I called in dinner to bring to my mom and highly recommend this dish. The food was still nice and warm when I got to my mom's house which was 10 minutes away. So whether you are eating in or taking out this is a dish to consider ordering.

Rosebud6458 4 months ago

Fish & Fries

We're new to the Sandwich area and Bobby Byrne's was recommended to us. The first time we went I had fish and chips. I like fish but am very fussy about the way it's cooked.....they nailed it!!! We've been there several times since and everything was spot on. The food, the staff and the atmosphere combined make for an enjoyable place. Highly recommend giving it a try, you won't regret it.

Kimpurdy 5 months ago

Baked Scrod

Fish tasted very fresh 👌 Cooked perfectly

Salger50 5 months ago

Poet's Chef Salad

My favorite


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