"When pigs fly!"

“When pigs fly!”

That statement is an adynaton, a figure of speech so exaggerated it describes impossibility. We all know pigs can’t fly…

… but seals can!!!


A good friend of ours, for this story’s sake let’s call him Jimmy, and his sidekick, let’s call him sidekick, were enjoying cocktails in an ocean side tavern. Sidekick got up to use the rest room and Jimmy grabbed a nearby pair of binoculars to look out at a large group of animals swimming off shore.


When sidekick came back there was a buzz in the room.  Jimmy declared, “Look at all those seals!”  Children became excited, parents were shouting in joy “look at the seals.”  Everyone in the crowded room was looking out at the ocean…and then a miracle happened. The seals took flight for all to see.  Sidekick said to the children, “I bet you’ve never seen seals fly!” Everyone was amazed, except the few naysayers that said the seals were actually cormorants. (diving, swimming birds)

In honor of this event we have created a special cocktail called “Jimmy’s Flying Seal”, the main ingredient of which is Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Stop in today and try one at your favorite Bobby Byrne’s Pub.  If that’s not your “cup of tea” try one of our other tremendous cocktail offerings on our drink menu!

But always be alert to look skyward…and watch out for flying seals.