What Drives Menu Change?

A Guest Blog by Executive Chef Jim O’Shea*

Executive Chef Jim O'Shea

In an earlier blog we discussed the technical analysis of our food and beverage sales which we call “Menu Engineering”. While this process is still very important in our menu creation, there are other factors involved in our decisions, not the least of which is comments from our patrons. (So keep those cards and e-mails coming.)  We are also driven by the things we do best and we take pride in our consistency and attention to detail. We achieve this not only by eliminating unpopular items but more importantly making good items great.

It is easy to follow fads, which rarely become trends, which almost never evolve into core items. We would rather concentrate on making our good items great.  Essentially we would rather be the best at some things and very good at most things rather than mediocre at everything.

We look forward to seeing you in the very near future. Please keep an eye out for our newest menu renovations sometime in early June.

Jim O’Shea
Executive Chef
Bobby Byrne’s Restaurant & Pub


* as told to David Downarowicz, consultant