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Soups & Sides

Chef’s Soup of the Day

Always from scatch, made daily, on premises.

Cup - 4.95     Bowl - 5.95

Crock O’ Gold

Savory French onion soup topped with croutons and crowned with melted cheeses - 6.25

Portuguese Kale Soup

Our House recipe with linguica, chourico, potatoes, cabbage & beans.
Cup - 4.95     Bowl - 5.95

Bobby’s Award Winning Clam Chowder

The 2010 & 2011 Cape Cod Chowderfest Champion! Thick & creamy New England Clam Chowder. Cup - 5.25     Bowl - 6.25


Take home a quart of Cape Cod's Best for $12.95!




Beef Burrito

Taco beef, lettuce, tomato,onion & cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and baked with a Soutwestern enchilada sauce & cheddar cheese. Served with Spanish rice & sour cream - 10.95

Fish Tacos

A pair of grilled flour tortillas filled with golden fried fish, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion & cheddar cheese and drizzled with ancho sour cream. Served with Spanish rice & salsa - 10.95


Wing Dings

Extra large crispy fried wings - 10.95

Served Plain with your choice of sauce or Spicy Hot Buffalo with bleu cheese.

Dippin' Sauces: Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, Zesty Orange, General Tso's or Roasted Red Pepper-Basil Aioli.

Potato Skins

Cheddar cheese & bacon loaded into potato halves and baked until crisp. Served with sour cream & chives - 9.50


Fried pork filled dumplings tossed in General Tso's sauce - 9.95

Fried Calamari

A heaping portion of rings & tentacles, fried & tossed with balsamic cherry peppers and served with red pepper & basil aioli - 9.95

Chicken Bites

Hand-breaded bite-sized pieces golden-fried and tossed with your choice of sauces. Served with carrot & celery sticks - 9.75

Your choice of : General Tso's, Zesty Orange, Teriyaki or Spicy Hot Buffalo with Bleu Cheese dressing.

Ultimate Nachos

Multicolored corn tortilla chips baked with cheddar cheese and topped with diced tomatoes, lettuce, onions, black olives & hot peppers. Served with sour cream & salsa - 11.95

Your choice of Tex-Mex Chicken or Taco Beef.

Add Guacamole - 1.25

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

A large crock filled with our creamy herb cheese blended with spinach & artichokes, baked 'til bubbling and garnished with fried pita & tortilla chips - 9.50


Chicken Ancho Quesadilla

A large grilled flour tortilla with cheddar cheese & grilled Tex-Mex chicken drizzled with anch sour cream & served with salsa - 9.95

Brie, Veggies & Crackers

Brie, marinated veggies, soft herb cream cheese and oven baked flatbread crackers - 8.95

Fresh Tossed Salads

The Shenanigans Chef

Large mixed green salad with Swiss cheese, tomato, red onion,cucumber & croutons topped with grilled steak tips & shrimp. Served with choice of dressing - 15.95


Quinoa Veggie Salad

A scoop of tomato basil quinoa salad on a bed of baby kale topped with marinated veggies. Served with a side of balsamic dressing - 11.95

BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad

Grilled BBQ chicken breast, avocado, tomato, onion, bacon, Gorgonzola cheese, egg, chopped romaine & croutons with Ranch dressing - 12.95

Zesty Shrimp & Spinach Salad

Zesty orange fried shrimp over a bed of baby spinach with bacon bits, sliced mushrooms, hard-boiled egg, tomato, onion & sun-dried cranberries. Served with your choice of dressing - 13.95

Steak Tips & Gorgonzola

Our house marinated steak tips served over a large mixed green salad with gorgonzola cheese, tomato, red onion, cucumber & croutons. Served with choice of dressing - 16.95

Southwestern Salads

Chopped romaine lettuce tossed with chipotle-tomato vinaigrette and topped with cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, onions, black olives, Served with guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips & sour cream - 12.95

Choose Fajita Chicken, Peppers & Onions   OR   Seasoned Taco Beef

The Poet’s Chef

Large mixed green salad with Swiss cheese, tomato, red onion, cucumbers & croutons topped with grilled steak tips & chicken. Served with choice of dressing - 14.95


Walnut Chicken Salad

A scoop of our homemade chicken salad dressed with walnuts & mayonnaise on a bed of mixed greens, sun-dried cranberries, tomato, cucumber, onions & croutons with choice of dressing - 12.95

Grilled Chicken Caesar

Romaine lettuce & croutons combined with our creamy Caesar dressing and topped with grilled chicken & parmesan cheese - 12.75


Brie & Berry Salad

Brie, strawberries & walnuts served atop a bed of baby kale with a balsamic drizzle, a side of raspberry vinaigrette and flatbread crackers - 12.75


Healthy Choices


Pepperberry Steak

10 oz. sweet pepperberry rubbed steak chargrilled to your liking, topped with grilled onions & gorgonzola brown sauce and served with chef's vegetable and your choice of mashed potatoes or baked potato - 19.95

Bobby’s Steak Tips

A Pub favorite.

3/4 lbs chargrilled to your liking and served with rice pilaf & vegetable - 18.95
With grilled peppers, onions & mushrooms - add $1

1/2 lb tips with baked shrimp casserole - add $4

1/2 lb tips with baked scallop casserole - add $5

Cinnamon Apple Pork Chops

Twin 6 oz chops rubbed with cinnamon, brown sugar & spices, chargrilled and served with apple sauce, mashed potatoes & vegetable - 16.95


Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

Chicken & broccoli sauteed in a creamy alfredo sauce and tossed with penne pasta - 16.95

Marsala Ravioli & Chicken

Panko encrusted chicken breast baked with spinach & mozzarella cheese and topped with wild mushroom ravioli in a marsala wine sauce with roasted peppers & mushrooms - 16.95

Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Build 'em yourself with grilled peppers & onions, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion & cheddar cheese. Served with warmed flour tortillas, Spanish rice, sour cream & salsa - 13.95

Add Guacamole - 1.25

Baked Macaroni & Cheese

A three cheese sauce tossed with macaroni and baked in a large crock with a buttered crumb topping. Served with a small salad - 13.95

Baked with Lobster Meat - 19.95

Chicken Parmigiana

Fried boneless breast baked with tomato sauce & mozzarella, parmesan & cheddar cheeses. Served over penne or linguini pasta with garlic bread - 14.95

Baked Stuffed Chicken

An oven-roasted boneless breast filled with cranberry-cornbread stuffing, topped with chicken gravy and served with cranberry sauce, mashed potato & chef's vegetable of the day - 14.95


Sea Scallops

 Available baked with lobster cracker crumbs, served with rice & vegetable OR deep-fried to golden brown, served with french fries, coleslaw & tartar sauce - 18.95

Fish & Chips

A traditional favorite of deep fried cod fillet served with french fries, tartar sauce & homemade coleslaw - 15.95

Shrimp & Scrod Mediterranean

Scrod fillet & shrimp baked with tomato, garlic, basil, olive oil & lemon served with a mini quinoa veggie salad - 17.95

Baked Scrod

Cod fillet baked with lemon butter, wine & cracker crumbs and served with rice pilaf & vegetable - 16.95

Classic Sandwiches

(Substitute Sweet Potato Fries for .95)

Chicken Parmigiana

Fried breast topped with tomato sauce, a blend of mozzarella & cheddar cheeses and served on toasted foccacia roll, served with fries - 9.95

Traditional Grilled Reuben

Grilled corned beef brisket, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing on marble rye with french fries - 9.95

The Hot Veggie

Spinach, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes & mozzarella baked on a foccacia roll. Served with sides of basil aioli & broccoli slaw - 9.25

Pastrami & Cheese

Our black pepper pastrami loaded on a bulky roll with melted Swiss cheese. Served with fries - 9.95

French Dip

Thin-sliced cold roast beef served in a toasted French roll with au jus for dipping & fries - 9.75

Smothered Steak Tip

Our char-grilled house marinated steak tips with grilled onions, peppers & mushrooms piled open-face on garlic bread and served with french fries - 13.95

Grilled Chicken

Boneless breast presented on a bulky roll with lettuce, tomato & a side of honey mustard. Served with french fries - 9.50

Add cheese - .50    Add Bacon - 1.00

Fried Chicken

Presented on a bulky roll with lettuce, tomato & fries.

Plain : with honey mustard - 9.50

Spicy Buffalo : with bleu cheese dressing - 9.75


Walnut Chicken Salad Roll

Diced chicken with celery & walnuts dressed with mayonnaise, lettuce & tomato on a warm french roll. Served with pasta salad - 9.95

Turkey Club

Sliced turkey,lettuce, tomato, bacon & mayonnaise on your choice of toasted marble rye, multigrain or white bread. Served with french fries - 10.50

Cape Cod Reuben

Golden-fried cod fillet presented on grilled marble rye with Swiss cheese, coleslaw & Thousand Island dressing. Served with french fries - 9.95

Chicken Shakespeare

Grilled chicken with wilted spinach, roasted red peppers, sliced tomato & melted mozzarella baked on a foccacia roll and served with broccoli slaw - 9.95

Chargrilled Angus Burgers

Served on a bulky roll with a pickle spear & french fries (substitute sweet potato fries for .95)

Peppercorn Burger

Black peppercorns, creamy herb cheese, red onion, lettuce & tomato - 10.95

Basic Burger

Our half pound Angus burger chargrilled to your liking and served with lettuce & tomato - 9.75

Cheeseburger: with American Cheese - 9.95

Bacon Burger: with bacon, American cheese - 10.25

Texas Style Chipotle Burger

BBQ Sauce, Swiss cheese, bacon, fried onion strings drizzled with chipotle mayo - 10.95

Smothered Cheddar Burger

Grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms & cheddar cheese - 10.25

Roasted Beet & Kale Veggie Burger

A mix of roasted beets, kale & lentils grilled and served on a roll with baby spinach. Served with quinoa salad & tzatziki sauce - 9.50

Bacon Burger

Topped with bacon & American cheese - 10.25

Mushroom Swiss Burger

With grilled fresh mushrooms & Swiss cheese - 10.25

Smothered Cheddar Burger

Topped with grilled onions, peppers, mushrroms & cheddar cheese - 10.25

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